Life and living

Ive been mulling lots over the last few days.  I’ve been thinking about life and death and what a human existence is really about.  My own existence mostly I guess but humans in general.  Even animals.  Maybe even the whole universe.  What are we really and where does everything really come from?  For now I’m happy to let them be as they are, and that’s kind of fleeting thoughts, thoughts that I don’t follow too deeply as it can be a rabbit hole.  I’m not too interested in going down another rabbit hole again.  Anyway so I’ve been musing it a little while at work.  

Work is very busy and my plans are still going kind of as I had planned.  I’ve forgotten a few little things the last few days.  Things like stretching in the morning and also writing out my daily work goals on my phone so I can tick things off as I go along.  I usually set time targets for certain jobs too.  I feel I’ve drifted a little as I’ve not written them out but I’ve still been really busy and productive.  I’m still mostly on track with my morning and daily routines but I will write out my normal morning routine on my phone or iPad later.  One thing I have been doing is checking emails not long after getting up at 6 ish instead of waiting until after 7.  I even had thoughts about Facebook and some Facebook friends today but realised my mind wasn’t focused and was trying to trick me back down the Facebook road.  I quickly took can the of it again though so all good.  I certainly don’t miss all of the online drama anymore or the paranoia that it can bring.  

 I’d better write out my morning routine while I think of it now.  

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