Thoughtfulness, waking early and tetchyness

I’ve been waking up a bit earlier than usual for a few days. This morning I was awake at 4am but dozed off and woke up several times before getting up at 6am. I’ve noticed my mood has been slightly different for a few days. Some of this I put down to the mornings starting to get light earlier and some of it down to only taking half my usual dose of Lamotrigine for a few days as I was running out.  Some of it is down to my children’s birthdays and the anniversary of my mother dying. I’m being watchful anyway. Also my wife is rubbing me up the wrong way and I’m biting my lip over a few things with her.  I guess that’s life. I’m not sure I’d want to live with me when I’m irritable or tired let alone in an episode.  I’ve decided to kick my own arse a bit again as a few things were slipping. Hitting my goals for one and also keeping on top of paperwork as well. Such is life. At least I’m not off my head so to speak and am able to keep a good amount of focus on it all. 

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