Mental health and life

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life is good. I’m avoiding triggers still but need to do so less and less as very little triggers me these days. Also I know when to back away and when not to react to things. My sleeping is still good and most things are good. I have however had a few flare ups with biliary colic caused by my gallstone.  I’ve seen a surgeon and am awaiting a date for an operation.  It’s shown me how far I have come and how I don’t get too much paranoia these days either. A year or more ago, certainly two, I would of been paranoid that this was part of a ‘plan’ to keep me unwell and to kill me or maybe harvest organs while under anaesthetic.  I have no fears like that whatsoever. I would also of feared any needles near me.  I over came that when I had a blood test early last year and also when the paramedic did a blood sugar test on me.  I have had to take a good dose of codeine a few times to handle the pain but that’s ok and mostly it’s not much of an issue.

 I’m sure I’ll never be ‘cured’ but that’s ok too. I don’t want to loose some of the ‘crazy’ because I like it but the worst of it can stay away. All in all life is good, for now,  and I don’t fear anything.  Death is just a doorway anyway. 

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