Being myself

It’s taken some time to be who I am. To accept myself as I am. Yet I still strive towards bettering myself.  Things still get to me.  Things still raise emotions in me.  I still react to certain stimuli and certain people/things.  I’m honest with myself.  I know most of my flaws. And there are many. I’m hard on myself.  I’m hard on others, but less so. I punish myself. I push myself. I love hard. I play hard. I don’t suffer fools easily yet I play the fool when someone thinks they are deceiving me. I’m gifted with an IQ of 148 yet sometimes can’t remember a fucking thing.  Life isn’t very fair.  Most people live in a bubble.  Most people fool themselves. I don’t want to be most people. I’m happy I’m me.  Life is good. Not always but for now it’s good.  

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