A slip perhaps

I’m not feeling too motivated and not feeling like I can be arsed with much.  Work is busy but mixed at the minute. One job I’ve been doing have asked me to do more pretty much straight away. I agreed and rearranged work accordingly but now I’m not sure if everything will be here tomorrow and if not I can’t get on. I’ll take a few days off. I can’t be arsed either way.

 I had a drink Saturday night.  It’s affected me and I feel crap. I feel depressed or the start of it.  Stupidly I drank last night too. Drink hits me a few days later and affects my mental health. I’ll feel really shit later in the week once last night hits too.  I’m stupid. I know it affects me.  Self punishment.  Again.  

Earlier I felt like I was breaking. Maybe I am. My plans from late last year have gone to shit. I’m still in my business overdraft. I’m still in my personal overdraft. It sucks. The harder I work the worse it seems.  I think I’m still broken from a couple of years ago and that shit still fucks me up.  Shit doesn’t go away for me. I guess it does for others. Lucky fuckers. 

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