Shitbthats going on in my life

I wrote a blog post recently but after it had been up an hour or two I deleted it.  I was saying in it  how shit my life is.    It’s still not great and I’ve had a few hiccups but things will settle again.   My sleep hasn’t been great and I’ve noticed a few of the arming signs and I’ve been triggered a bit too.   I’ll survive.  I’ll thrive.  I’ll grow again.  I am contemplating coming off medication as well.   I will have blips on them or off them.   Who knows.   I might just stick to them.  

Things are good in most respects of my life but I guess I strive for perfection in some areas.  Not only are we still fishing but we have now  also joined a casting club to get better technique and distance in the field which we can use on the beach.   Since last blogging some things have changed in that respect.  I’ve now been in 2 tournament casting matches. More practice needed.   I like my life to be busy.   

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