Healing peculiarities

Yesterday morning when I woke up I remembered I’d had bad dreams and broken sleep and had a slight pain in my side where my gallbladder used to play up. I figured it was aghast pain and maybe the cause of the dreams coupled with the after effects from the operation.  That was until I had a look on Facebook.   I looked at the memories bit on there and yesterday was 2 years exactly since the first attack of billiard colic and the start of my gallbladder issues.  Maybe the body has a memory that we don’t always register? Who knows.  Anyway I stayed in bed all day yesterday until evening. I did fuck all other than sit on Facebook or YouTube.  I couldn’t be arsed with anything and my mood wasn’t great. It was a wet horrible day too so that didn’t help.  Today I’ve already been out in the woods for a mile or so walk and already been ticking things off my to do list for today.  It’s satisfying.  One way or another I’m going to go to work tomorrow even if it’s just for a few hours. I can then form a plan from there. I certainly need to be getting the money in.  Progress with the after op recovery is going well mostly and I still have pain and some swelling in my lower stomach so I’ll keep an eye on that.  I’m hoping that’s all it is and that I’ve not torn something internally.  Maybe I’m expecting my body to heal faster than it can as its only a week and a half since the operation.  

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