Everything can fuck off

I’m tired of everything. It can all fuck off.  I’m tired of a sexless marriage.  It’s cold.  I’m tired of the coldness.  I don’t think I can keep living like this. I’m 44. I’m not 94.  I don’t think I can survive it any more.  It’s time to reassess my life fully.  The house is a shit hole. The garden is a shit hole. The boiler has been broken almost 2 1/2 years.  I’m pretty much the sole earner now and I can’t jeep it going or together. I’m sick and tired of working my arse off for absolutely fuck all other than tax’s and bills.  There’s never anything left. In fact it’s the opposite. I get more debt. I’m the one who has toshoulder it all. Always.  Fuck it all.  Oh and it’s 11 years ago since my mum died today.  She was 53 if I die at that age I’ve not got long left. Maybe time to start thinking about living properly not in a cold shouldered relationship.  Who knows.  

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