Tired of debt and unwell

Wednesday was Kara’s birthday.  All went well until the evening when I felt really cold.  By 9pm I was shaking with a chill so I had a hot shower and got into bed.  From then onwards I had a really upset stomach, which still hasn’t settled,  and I had to take yesterday off work as I slept nearly all day.  It’s still not letting up.  I really do need to go back today as I’m now behind but I’m not sure I can.  It’s really playing on my mind because I need to get money in as I’ve my mortgage to pay late next week and early next week money goes out of the business to the tax office.   I’m sick and tired of working so hard, recently I’ve even been to work on a Sunday briefly, only for it to get sucked away.   I bank with Lloyds for my personal accounts and they’re screwing me over constantly.  They have a daily overdraft fee and can take up to £90 per month in those fees, which they do every month.  It’s an agreed overdraft at that! It’s a rigged system to keep people poor.  I’m sick of living like this.  Things are that tight that one day off work with the fucking shits and a fever could just about break me.  That’s not living.  It’s not even surviving ffs.  I’m really not sure I will be able to go I even for a few hours.   It’s killing me slowly.  I’ve spoken with Kara and we might up our mortgage, meaning more debt, to clear some other debts off to try to get a bit ahead again.  We certainly need to get ahead.  She’s working 7 days a week too.   It’s crazy and it’s a killer.   

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