What to say? How much? How little?  I’m off meds. Not exactly by choice but I’ve ran out and the prescription isn’t ready. I’ve no money to pay for it at the minute either.  I’m awaiting money from customer, as usual, so I’m skint. I’ve missed last months mortgage payment too. I’ve had the builders merchants chase me as my account was over due.  It’s shit.  Such is life.  The harder I work to get ahead the further behind I get.  I personal bank with Lloyd’s and they rob me blindly because I use an agreed overdraft. They charge me daily for using it up to a total of £90 each month and they make sure they take about that much. So over the 18 or so months they’ve been doing it they’ve been taking about £90 a month. That’s rather a lot and yet another reason why I’m always in my overdraft. I get charged for going over the overdraft, when I do go over, and it’s usually because they’ve charged me why I go over.  If I did this to a customer I’d get taken to court for theft. If a bank does it then it’s ok.  It’s shit. I can’t see an end to the debts either at this rate.  Ever.  

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