Working out etc

We’ve been working out for 7 weeks, the first 2 were light weeks, and we’ve both gained strength and size.  We decided to take a week off for recovery and will hit the weights again on Thursday for leg day.  I’d noticed last week my mood was elevating so backing off was the right thing to do.  My sleep was getting less. I noticed I was30-60 minutes later going to sleep some nights and often waking 60-90 minutes earlier. I put this down to the buzz from training but also needing a rest as it can affect the central nervous system.  I can’t just go lightly or gently at it so it’s easier to take time out.  I’m glad I noticed and chatted through with Fynn about it.  He totally agreed about taking time off.  He’s strong but still a growing lad.  It’s also important to keep on top of my mental health, which working out is usually a huge benefit to.  The gains are coming.

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