Here we are again

Well I’ve made it to another birthday. I’m 45. Fortyfuckingfive. I never thought I’d get here. Yet it’s been like a blink of an eye. I guess I’m kind of shocked.  I’d intended for this to be a better birthday than usual but yet again it’s pretty shit.  I’ve had 1 card and 1 gift and that was from friends of mine. My kids haven’t wished me happy birthday yet.  My wife has been a bit unwell the last few days so hasn’t got me a card or anything from her or the kids. The usual leaving things until the last minute has gone tits up again.  I think next year I’ll go away on my own out of the way, assuming I’m still around.  It looks like I’ll be cooking dinner for us again tonight too because Kara has decided to go to bed and go on Facebook. She was up there when Fynn and I got in from the gym. Who knows maybe she’ll decide to come down later.  Such is life.  

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