Where are we heading?

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about writing thoughts down.  So much has changed for so many of us this year.  Lockdowns have driven some to drink, some to exercise and some around the bend.  I’ve worked throughout lockdown.  I’m lucky because I think I’d of lost the plot. China is now flexing its muscles in Hong Kong and on India’s border as well as telling the UK to behave or face consequences. Where the fuck is it all heading this year? Each month seems to have some level of shtf about it.  Luckily I’m not letting my mind run away with me too much.  It could easily do so.  I’ve even taken 2 days off work, today and tomorrow, to try to rest a bit.  I’ve been working 10+ hour days and working some of most Saturdays too to try getting ahead for whatever winter will throw at us.  I’m clearing debts too.  Such strange surreal times we are living in.  Thankfully I’m remaining reasonably sane, as sane as I can be, for now.  I don’t intend to lose it either. I guard it closely now with a watchful eye.  

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