The future. It’s not looking bright….

Are we heading into a dystopian world or have we already started that journey? Things are looking very shady regarding what’s going on with the virus.  There’s so much going on it’s hard to keep up but there’s some shady shit going on too.  Very fucking shady shit.   Lots of little slogans being bandied about and they sound like they make sense until you hear and see them other places too. ‘Build back better’ is just one of them.  ‘We need to x, y or z by 2030’ etcetera etcetera is another.  Google these.  Look into them.  Look into the UN and it’s Agenda 21/30 and what’s really going on.  So much is changing.  ‘The new normal’. It’s all mind control and conditioning.  Look into social engineering and how it works.  ‘Keep safe’ is another one.  ‘Protect lives’.  So much bullshit spread by governments to push their Agendas.  Crazy days ahead.  Lots of unemployment and a shit ton of social unrest thats growing.  The world is on its head.   

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