Autumn is in full force

Autumn is here early this year.  It seemed to arrive right at the start of September and is at least 6 weeks ahead of usual.  Does it mean we will get a longer harder winter? Who knows.  I hope not because I see this winter as being tricky enough as it is.  There seems to be an air of strangeness around but maybe it’s just me.  People seem more agitated and easily angered.  I’d guess it’s to be expected with hardships and job losses for many people. It’s been exceptionally wet too.  Barely a day without rain for the last 5 or so weeks.   It’s grey most days and feels bleak.  Maybe it’s a reflection of this in people that seems so grey.  What really is going on?  I’ve a good idea.  Agendas are being pushed but I’m having to step away from it as the bigger picture, if true, is bleak.  I’ll keep a good eye as often as I can.  I’m not religious but there certainly are parallels to The Book of Revelation.  Maybe it’s easy to find these links and commonalities though if we try.  I guess everyone who has lived and been religious could think they’re in the end times or find parallels.   As humans we do like to find patterns and hidden meanings in things.  It’s what we do.    Keep well and keep moving forwards.  What will come will come.  

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