Up and down

It’s a year of up and down so far. Stress too.  Things could be better my mind weighs heavily on itself.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me.  More so lately.  Not good.  Death fixation/fantasies.  Hmmm.  What is it all.  So far so good so what.  One day I’ll Rust in Peace unless I Ride The Lightening to The Number of The Beast.  It’s bit of a cunt over analysing oneself.  I guess I’m one of the Children of the Damned.  Tired so often these days.  I’ve had weeks of very very vivid dreams.  The other night I had David Bowie singing for me but it was in a code or different language.  He had 2 big rotten front teeth.  It’s was pretty esoteric.  I need to figure it out.  I’ve been dreaming about other dead people too, family members included.  One day I’ll go home, wherever that is.  I’ll find it.  Crackdown lockdown kickdown blockdown blah blah blah.  We are all SERIOUSLY fucked if we don’t fight back.  

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