At the edge of reality

I am tired. It’s put me to the edge of my reality or perhaps I’m rediscovering my true reality. I have taken a pill tonight since getting in from work as my mind has felt edgy and jaded. Sleep will hell no doubt so I will sleep soon. The last few days have been pretty strange. I have decided my life has to change snd have set about doing so. It’s a tough call too. Not easy. It’s done though. I would imagine this has added to my inner seeking mind state. Couple that with being much more in tune with my magickal mind again. The path chose me and I chose the path again. It’s time to walk it to the destinations. Clarity is always sought on this path to enlightenment but clarity isn’t always there.  I will help others with their path though. It’s the way to learning oneself too. Student becomes teacher becomes student. The circle continues. We are the same person. 

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