I had a phone call from our local wellbeing centre today. It went pretty well. The therapist told me I’m doing all of the right things like keeping regular circadian rhythms and sleep patterns etc. he said I’m doing well by exercising and meditating and using mindfulness techniques. He’s suggested I go along to a few meetings on dealing with stress too. 

I’ve managed to do a few things which I’d put off doing over the last few months, one of which was from12 months ago.  I do have a headache now from lots of thinking etc and from dealing with things, but I’ll live.  Maybe I need to meditate a bit more again, get some mental focus and clarity back again too. Before I had such a tight schedule on the doing of things I thought that I would find it very dull and boring, but to be honest I’m enjoying the clarity that its brought so far. I’m missing the extreme highs but that’s ok, it’s worth it. Fingers crossed things continue going pretty well now.

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