Level again

I’m feeling level again and feeling good within myself. Yesterday I had a bad headache. I didn’t realise how bad I felt  until this morning because I feel much better now. I put some of that down to stress and some down to physical exercising. Mainly stress from doing things that I’d put off for too long.

 I bought a book about Cyclothymia and read it a while ago, I’m hoping my wife reads it soon as I’ve lent it to her. I’m hoping she might understand more then. It’s not that I want anything from her except  her to know what it’s like and the signs and warnings. I guess now I’m on a level she maybe feels its less important.  Maybe I should find someone to talk to about it. 

Ive decided to have more than one day off training, I’ve been doing one on one off, to give my body extra recovery time and time to grow. I’m glad I’m older now as I understand my mind and body so much better. I hope to learn and grow even more.

I still question reality often too. I had quite a profound moment yesterday whilst in meditation. How do we define reality? What parameters do we use? How do we gauge these things? Am I the only ‘real’ being in an unreal world? What happens when the  body dies?  Lots of questions! Where for the answers lay?

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