Strange dreams again….

I’ve had strange dreams again last night. I wonder what has triggered these dreams? Is it a change in my body from working out?  The dreams last night weren’t violent, just very strange. They involved growing and life. How can dreams affect our day to day life?  I believe and understand that dreams are our body’s way of working through mental and physical things on a subconscious level. When one can start to understand oneself better in waking life, then the dream world starts to make more sense. Problems can be dealt with or other things. Sleep is a time, like conscious rest, where our body’s repair themselves physically, so I’m pretty certain it also works for emotional or psychological things too like worry.  Situations are played out in dreams where we try to deal with those things. If we are stressed sometimes our dreams reflect this very deeply. That’s why I wonder if my dreams lately are related to my working out again because of the physical stress placed upon my body through high intensity workouts. I’ve noticed that I’m growing already even though I’ve only worked out for two weeks. My skin is itchy too. Maybe that’s a physical reaction to my body growing and also too the physical stress placed upon it.

I dream very very quickly after falling asleep. Sometimes I’m dreaming in less than five minutes. I know this because I’ve woken suddenly from a dream and my wife is still awake reading or trying to go to sleep.  I’m keeping pretty strict circadian rhythms too, which might help trigger interesting dreams. Lots to ponder on.

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