Strange day

It’s been a strange day today. I’ve been kind of level but not a good level, but not low either. Strange. I’m aware that I possibly noticed some red flags too. For a while I was concerned that I was heading sky high, but I worked out when I got home and it took the edge right off. It brought me down and up both at the same time. 

When my wife and children got home, I was home first, things got tricky as my son started teasing and tormenting his sister. I noticed that I was getting cross and clenching my fists. Luckily in the end I’ve just got him showered and in bed first, which calmed him down. I think he needs some extra sleep as he gets up with me first thing in the morning. He’s a little bit different too, like me. 

I’m relaxing now and might even watch a film. It’s not often that I do that now. Mostly I avoid tv and films because they can affect my sleep and my circadian rhythms. If I go to bed late I can throw myself out of sync, sometimes the film or tv affects my dreams or I get wired. Anyway I usually avoid it. I’m conscious of moon phases too. Over time I’ll be better able to tell if that affects me too. Always more to learn.

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