Beautiful day outside but crazy in my head

It’s a lovely sunny day outside, but in my head I’m feeling the strain a bit. I’m ok, I’m good actually, but I’m feeling the strain. The more I try to control things the harder it gets. I guess I kind of go up a level each time. I will win out though. Each battle I have the more I learn and can hopefully make progress. Hopefully I can try to share my thoughts down here for future reference. The hard part is when things are going great I don’t write too much, so I need to remember that.  Working out is keeping in me in check pretty well and I’m loving the strength I have in my body again. I’m growing pretty well, although I am getting kind of caught up in weighing myself a fair bit. I think I need to get more fluids on board more often too.

Where will I lead myself? Will I find a balance? Or happiness ?  I think so. Make it so. 

It’s not easy being me. The good bits are excellent. Most of it is good. I do feel like a stranger sometimes though. A stranger in a strange world.  My dreams have been very vivid lately too. I think I remember a H.P.Lovecraft story that I need to go read.

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