Monday again already

Monday is here again. Rearing its work head screaming out for productivity. I was a bit anxious at 5 this morning fretting mentally about fitting everything in on time. It’s always others who give me deadlines etc. I’m not to worried now and at 5 I told myself to relax because it will work out how it always does and fretting won’t change anything. I’m going to go to work with the attitude of just cracking on , but not blindly. I’ve contacted a guy I use sometimes to see if he can help out if he’s not to busy. He usually does his best to help.  He’s a good guy, so fingers crossed. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to try my best not to get anxious or stressed. It only leads to a mental muddle on my part. I need clarity. I’m back to keeping my circadian rhythms in check and that always helps. I hope the weather is dry today but not too hot. That would be perfect. 

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