Am I tailing off?

I’m ok ish this morning but far from my best. I’ve deleted my Facebook account , which I do when I feel like this, so as to not post anything I’m might not like later and to stop myself being negative on it.  When I’m on there and I’m feeling like this I’m sure that their algorithms pick up on it and send stuff my way that’s not the happiest stuff. Anyway I’m off for a bit until I feel better. 

I’m concerned that I’m heading a bit downwards. I’m tired and am feeling like I need lots of sleep. If it rains later and I can’t get on I will try to catch up on my sleep so that I don’t feel worse. 

My apprentice is off again today with hayfever. I get bad hayfever but have never had a day off. Maybe he needs to man the fuck up a bit. I will have to dock his pay. That’s 4 days he’s had off in the last 2 weeks now. I think I’ll start getting behind at this rate!

I need to go eat some breakfast as I’m hungry now.  People piss me off. 

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