Today’s feeling

today’s feelings are tired, pissed off and tired. Today I struggled to get up. That’s unusual. If it rains I might not do much work. I need the rest. It’s getting too much now working 6 days per week and 8-12 hour days. Fuck it all. It can all go take a jump off a cliff. A big jump off a big cliff. I’m tired of chasing my arse to get money in. I’m tired of the apprentice always falling short of the mark and leaving me with more to do. He needs to pull his finger out of his backside and pull his socks up. It’s too much of a mental drain telling him the same things day in day out, week in week out for the last 3 years. It’s time he had some get up and go and time he stood on his own two feet and could be left doing things. I’ve realised that I can’t leave him for a week to get on with things which also mean I can’t take a week off and leave him. Not unless I pay him and he does bugger all. 

I keep talking about making changes to my life but always seem to be doing the same shit all the time. 

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