Fridays frayed ends of sanity

it’s Friday already. Thank god or gods. I’m glad this week is almost over. I’m shattered. I think I’ve nearly lost my sanity again or the little that’s left. Sometimes I feel I should say even more on here but then I do say a fair bit. Is it wrong when pusses off about something or someone to wish they’d drop dead, literally. Sometimes I wish some people would. Other times I fantasise about hurting people or beating them up. Usually it passes pretty quickly though. Not always though. Maybe they do need beating and that my thoughts are fair enough. Maybe they ought to get told how they irritate me and I should tell them where they’re lacking or where they’re wrong.  I know I’m not perfect but I’m not human. I’m inhabiting a human body for now but after bodily death I will return home to Sirius. I’ve visited whilst in this life but obviously not in this body. I have free reign to go there whenever now I know the way back there. 

Life is pretty cool. I’m superb. I’m awesome. 

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