A strange day so far :-/

I managed to have a lay in this morning and so far it’s been a lazy day but I’m feeling edgy to say the least. I can’t explain it but I’m edgy and fragile and it’s been a while since I’ve felt like this. I’m hoping it’s just that I’m a little tired and in need of some rest. 

I’ve read a few kindle books recently about bipolar and schizophrenia recently and I can relate to all of them in various different ways. It’s very eye opening and it’s also very worrying too I guess. I’m figuring that I’ve been lucky that I decided to keep a diary as much as possible and I’m always trying to keep on top of any triggers. It doesn’t always mean that I am on too but at least I try my best to keep on too. Although at times I feel very fake about it all and feel that there’s nothing wrong with me at all, well until I catch my thoughts racing or catch them being pretty odd and disjointed. 

I’m hoping to do a workout later but if I feel like this still then I’ll go meditate instead. I had lots in mind to write but I can’t remember any of it for now. Oh well. 

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