Slight anxiety

I woke this morning while it was still dark and was feeling a little anxious. I’m always wary of feeling anxiety because it can signal a change of my mood. It might just be that I’m concerned about the weather, I’m working outside today, but I’m not fully sure yet.  I had a slightly upset stomach this morning too. 

I’m reading several books again at the minute, some on magic and some on bipolar. I picked up a book I’ve read a few times again yesterday which has several CBT techniques in it. It’s a good book, it’s called ‘how to live in the here and now’.  I’ve not started it again yet because I’m reading some ancient grimoires. 

Other than some anxiety I’m not sure how I feel today. I’ve noticed my ears are ringing again. I’ll monitor my moods carefully today and if I feel I’m going one way or the other I’ll try to take action to keep it in check.  I’m sure I’ll be ok once I get to work, I usually am and I’m enjoying work again now too. 

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