I’m back!

I can feel my energy returning into my mind and body. I’m back to being awesome, well almost. I’ve done some maths and my business is pretty much back in the black too. No rest though as I’ve lots to achieve before I’m happy.  I need to get a buffer of a few thousand pounds in the business before I’m happy again with the business, but I am happy at work again finally. 

I had a slight realisation last night too whilst in bed. I started my business 8 years ago this September and it’ll be around the first of September that I start trading as a limited company. Lots of things have cycled in my life and recently I’ve noticed them coming back again. I see this as a good sign and good omen. My business is going to grow again and we are going to be able to enjoy life much more again. It’s a winding and long road but we will get there. I’ve also remembered yet again that I need to make my bills out much quicker. I’m going to write myself some rules regarding my business and stick to them. Onwards and upwards. 

I’m going to start to be more disciplined again and not work in a mental muddle. In fact I’m now going to go and make a small bill out. 

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