Feeling good..

I’m still feeling pretty good although I get very tired quickly last night after a busy day at work and a busy day with my mind. I’ve realised how much this blog helps me and has helped me. Writing things down makes me very aware of any triggers. I don’t always read old posts but I did look through some the other day and was surprised at some of the feelings I’ve felt and at how well I managed to describe them. I’m still working to subdue my ego and I’m avoiding anything or anyone that upsets my mental health as much as possible. I’ve cut a few people right out because of their toxicity in regards to my mental health. 

My good mood was taken out of context by my wife yesterday and she thought I was avoiding her. The truth was that I was feeling great but was quite aware of how I can affect everyone around me and that my mind was racing a little bit. 

I find that I get anxious far more than I’ve realised in the past or maybe it’s getting worse as I’m getting older. I’ve noticed how much things I read or watch influence me greatly and I’m glad I don’t watch tv and haven’t done for almost 18 months, not that I watched loads anyway. Tv is just mind programming anyway. The news tells us how bad things are and tells us who we should like or dislike through it’s biased reporting. Soap operas tell us what we should feel or what we should like or wear. The only good things on tv are nature program’s. I don’t always trust so called documentaries as they can be biased too and I don’t think watching people or celebrities living in a house or the jungle etc are worth giving time too. Celebrity now means being known for being known. Anyway I’m glad I’m out of it.  I find even thinking about it brings me to a form of negative thinking where my mood can drop off.  I’m also off so called social media too. There’s nothing very social about it in my opinion.   Wow, that sounds like a rant. 

Right I better get on with today. 

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