Feeling good and normal

If I could or can feel like this all of the time then I certainly choose to. I’m feeling good. I’m not sure what else to write. I’ve felt like this now since Saturday or Sunday. I honestly don’t think I’ve felt like this for years. Many years. Maybe over 10 years since before my children were born maybe. Maybe I’ve never actually felt this good or this normal or even this level of inner peace either. I’m human again but more, more than that, I’m kind of superhuman but not in a high way just a good modes normal way. Life seems pretty good right now, pretty big standard normal kind of good. I think I’ve always wanted an exceptional life but right now my life is normal which is exceptional. I use an app on my phone to chart moods, anxiety, sleep etc and it’s flatlined over the last few days which means no highs or lows just good old normal ness. I think getting my circadian rhythms good has helped along with countless other things like coming off Facebook and twitter, cutting a few emotional and energy sucking vampires out too. I don’t watch tv and I barely listen to the radio so I’m not getting told what to think either. Avoiding television and all forms of news has helped enormously because we really are age ted by those things and we are made to form an opinion of the news items too. Opinions that we might not look at rationally ¬†either. So I guess lots of small things make us distracted, or certainly me anyway. Long may it last.¬†

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