Normal mood and no anxiety this morning

It’s Monday morning already and I am anxiety free. I’ve completed my morning ritual too. Last night my mind did race quite a bit and I wasn’t fully present. It happened after we picked my wife up from her few days away. I put effort into calming it and it worked. I’m not giving up on trying to live a normal life. I will master myself. I can live with the odd evening of racing thoughts or even low mood as long as they are few and far between. I think being relaxed but focused is a key element to this.

When I feel good like this I can’t think of much more to write. I don’t feel like dragging up all of my past angst or anxieties or my highs and lows. Feeling human is good. I’m trying hard not to think myself out of this mood. My diet hadn’t been it’s best lately and I’ve not exercised properly for a while but I’m ok with that. I’ll not beat myself up about it either. I’m happy. 

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