I’ve been thinking I’m pretty level of late but im never fully sure. Reality to me is hard to work out now. At times the smallest situation can confuse me. Last night I sat at the dinner table with my wife, she had had a few glasses of wine, and we were talking about the news yesterday that 3,000 kids have gone missing in the first 9 months of this year in Greater Manchester. It felt to me like she was actually mocking me and goading me into a situation where it could end with an argument or disagreement. She kind of brought some stuff up that I used to go on about last year. Conspiracy type stuff. I know some of it is actually true, but last year I was pretty caught up in it too much and probably pretty delusional. The last thing I want or need is to be goaded about it or by it. That’s how it felt. I’m sure she won’t remember it today though. I know a couple of weeks back we all watched a second part of a documentary when she had drank a bottle of wine and the next day she suggested we watch the second part completely unaware that we had watched it. Anyway I don’t need to feel mocked, that’s just passive aggressive. Unless I read it wrong but last night and today I’m sure I read it correctly. 

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