Wednesday already

It’s Wednesday already. Wow.  This week is going fast and I’m achieving lots too. I’m feeling very meticulous in my magic. Work is most excellent too. Today should be a wet day so I’ll go to an inside job and do some decorating. I’m amazed at how good I’m feeling. I’m not high either. Just plain old good. Im very aware of numbers again. I’m amazed at how they add up to get a single number. Take 165 for instance 1+6+5=12    1+2=3 or 16+5=21   2+1=3 or 56+1=57  5+7=12  1+2=3 and so forth. Amazing. Numerology is amazing. Time is all numbers too. I notice 11:11 lots or 12:12 and so on 18:18. 18:18 is interesting because 18+18=36  3+6=9 or  1+8+1+8=18 which is 1+8 again which equals 9. Anyway numbers are good

My higher self is once again awakened or awakening. My HGA is becoming much more clearer too. Long may things continue and I will find my own truth.  

This may sound slightly morbid, but years ago I was told I would die on my 40th birthday. Well its 2 weeks away today. Let’s see. I’m going to prove him wrong. I hope. I’ve still not made the Philosophers Stone yet so I hav

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