Head spinning

My head is spinning. I just had a call from the estate agents saying they have a viewing for our house tomorrow, if we are happy with that.   In a manic moment last year I got our house valued and both my wife and I were surprised at the value, so I decided that we should sell it and buy land and build an eco house. If we do that we will be pretty much mortgage free. I talked my wife around in the end, she was quite right in that I pushed ahead and didn’t stop to think.  We had interest before Christmas but no offers. we had talked about staying where we are for now to keep some stability, but what if we get offered a really good price perspective buyer?

My mind is racing and I’m not sure what the right thing would be to do. Go with our dream of building out own house and possibly being mortgage free, but with the stress involved and the fact it could take a long while or go wrong, or stay in a safe place but put our ideals behind us fora while.

When I put the house on the market I was in a full confident, manic, immortal, indestructible mind set..

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