Vision or visions

I’ve noticed that the last few days I’ve seen things. Sometimes they’re in my peripheral vision but sometimes almost direct. I’m not sure if this is because I’m not feeling 100%, if it’s because of how my mind works, stress or my rituals and magical workings. The other night I noticed a pale white wispy cloud over a book I’m reading, almost like it came out of the book itself. Maybe it did. I’ve noticed shadowy shapes too, to the side of me, mostly in ritual.

My sanity is very good and very clear at the moment. I’ve been on a good level for a while too. It almost  feels like the mood and emotion swings I’ve had weren’t mine but were in a film I’d watched. I do have to keep a check on them though. I’ve had a few wobbles or glitches but other than that I’m good.  

 I’m thinking of investments and savings etc a fair bit lately. I’m trying to straighten out my money matters. I’ve not been able to do that for quite a while. I’m also starting to accept lots of things that have happened in my life too. I’m kind of letting them go, as much as I can, maybe they’ll creep back in at some point but for now I’m letting them go. I’ve let several people go too, which has been easy and hard all at the same time, such is life I guess. 

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