Feeling normal

I’m still feeling normal. I’ve lots of work on so I guess that’s good. Luckily I’m managing it well at the moment so I’m not stressing myself out. I think stress is a huge key in triggering me. It’s been so much easier at work since getting rid of the lad who worked for me. I’ve realised how much he cost me financially and mentally. Not being rude but he wasn’t the brightest person either and towards the end I honestly think he was trying to get the sack because he was getting lazier and making foolish mistakes, mistakes I think might of been on purpose. A few small things went missing too and that’s something I never thought he would do. I guess it goes to show that you don’t alwaysknow those who work with you that well. I think the way forwards is using help when I need it.   Financially things are turning around.  I’m not paying a wage of nearly £900 per month for work that’s substand or that needs doing again, so I guess I’m saving time and money. Long may it last!  

Things are going well. I’m looking forwards to my solitary retreat next week. I’ve not had a week off since last Christmas. 

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