Going high…?

I think I’m going up on a high. I had a trigger last night which affected me a fair bit, it really played on my mind, then my thinking started speeding up etc a fair bit. I thought I’d struggle to get up this morning but I was awake early. I had to force myself to bed at about 12:45am. I lay there on my back for awhile meditating before rolling over to go to sleep. That’s almost 3 hours later than normal. I normally go to bed at about 9:45-9:55 pm and got to sleep about 10:10-10:15 pm.      That’s not so good.  

 I’ve got cold sores starting to form up my nostrils and my head feels different. My ears are ringing more than usual and my body temperature went up last night too. That’s often a sign. I figured the body heat was from a meditation and breathing technique I was using but I’m not sure. Maybe I’m going up or hopefully I’ve just had a mini high. I’m not sure, but luckily I’m on retreat next week so I can unwind myself. I’m Starting to feel the Christmas stress too. The pressure of spending money we don’t always have on things that aren’t needed to celebrate the birth of someone who there’s no actual evidence for in the very strict Roman record keeping system. Also if Jesus was actually born there is no definitive date of his birth. It’s more likely it was in spring rather than around the old pagan midwinter solstice/Bachinalia celebrations. The story of his life almost mimics Mithras. Anyway let’s not get into religion. 

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