Busy good day

Today has been a busy, good, productive day. I’ve tried to remain reasonably present but not always. I need to relax a little more too when at work, although I’ve not hurried either so it’s all good. Work is enjoyable at the minute. Most things are to be honest.  I’m punishing myself far far less too. It’s almost nonexistent. 

 I tried to practice a new piece of drumming tonight and managed half of it. It is pretty tricky to me at the minute but I’ve only had 5 lessons so far. I’m learning  16 th’s.    

I’m doing breathing exercises in the morning along with preliminary Tummo practice too. I’m not doing the twice daily rituals like I was before going on retreat. I do feel however that the rituals helped balance me. I think I’ll start doing the kabbalistic cross and lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram again from tomorrow morning. 

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