Last night I was reading a book about enlightenment through kundalini by Tara Springett, I’m really enjoying her books, and I entered a kind of trance/dream state. I was being given teachings and initiations by a Tibetan lama. I dreamt I was shown breathing techniques too and I was in Tibet in the Himalayas. A friend has told me about Tibetan dream yoga tonight and it makes sense. I’ve found some pdf books about dream yoga to read along with all of my others books!    I’m feeling pretty good in myself and I’m quite impressed with how I had a realisation this afternoon at work. I was tired and had decided to work late but changed my mind and left work at a normal time. A year or two ago I would of bought chocolate, energy drinks and sweets to prop me up and would of carried on. Then after a few days of doing that I’d crash and feel tired and grumpy if not ill.  Anyway I realised I should go home and not work late. I’m going to have to work Saturday anyway regardless so I might as well be feeling pretty ok and ready to unwind before Christmas duties.  I’m looking forwards to some time off work and also going to stay at my step daughters in London after Boxing Day. 

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