Things are ok

Things are going ok. I worked yesterday. I need to be careful not to get too tired or over worked. I had a bit of a peak today. I was fearful that I was going high. I’ll see how I am tomorrow. 

Feeling good again

I’m finally feeling good again. I did a 10 hour day at work today and things went well too. I’m looking forwards to a restful evening and good meditation before a good nights sleep too. Tomorrow will be another good day at work too. I’ve got lots of work coming in and I’ve got some help from next Tuesday onwards. Things are looking much better. I need to appreciate how good just feel normal and good actually is more often. I guess until I feel rubbish I don’t realise how lucky I am to have good health most of the time. I had feared that my mental health was slipping away from me again.

The last few days I’ve struggled physically at work and it made me struggle mentally lots. My thinking had gotten quite negative at times. I’d also allowed someone back in who I had shut out for awhile. He texted me on Monday and I replied through kindness, It’s someone I’ve been trying to help for a long while, but he’s reverted back to his negative self. He keeps going around in circles and I had hoped he would of seen it by now but he hasn’t. I guess we can all walk around in circles unknowingly at times. I have tried to steer him to the light!

  Oh well I’ll keep working on myself and on loving kindness. I can use   Tonglen to try to reach him remotely and help to heal him. 

Stomache still upset

I worked yesterday and felt ok in myself but my stomach still isn’t right. I’ve spent lots of the night awake with it grumbling away and with bloating etc. It’s still not right since Saturday night and it’s still unsettled. I’m back in bed for no wand will hopefully go in to work later. 

Back at work

I went back to work yesterday but only started at about 10am and finished just after 4pm. When I got home I meant to do paperwork but ended up crashing on the sofa as I was worn out. I wasn’t late to bed either!

  I’ve struggled to wake up this morning but I’ll soon get used to getting up early again. I’ll go back in at about 8 am today. 


I’m a bit unwell. I’ve had a virus and head cold since Tuesday and spent most of last night and this morning in the bathroom with a severely upset stomach. 


I’ve been thinking about various different things over the last few days, from increasing my Intelligence, Tibetan Buddhism, how to feel better quicker to all manner of other things that I’d like to do in life. I’d like to skydive before I’m too much older. I’m already learning the drums, which fantastic both mentally and physically. Learning an instrument is very good for keep g the brain active and increasing intelligence through creating new neural pathways. I’m still enjoying what I’m learning too. I’d like to travel far more than I ever have or we ever have. I want to have some more time on solitary retreat too. I want to keep learning more meditation techniques and Buddhist techniques to help me on my road to enlightenment. I’m still reading lots of books and web pages about it too. I guess I’m always learning new things. I’m never afraid to learn things. I’ll maybe go back to some ritual practice again very soon too.  

  Life is such a wonderful thing. I know at times I’d prefer to not be at work but while at work I get to meet lots of very different people from all walks of life. I need to find a little more satisfaction in my work too. I know I do my best pretty much all of the time but often I forget to stand back and look at what I’ve done or achieved. I guess I always aware of not being attached to it too. Always concious of ego creeping in or ego gratification. I feel, at times, like I’m still becoming who I am and that I can be so much more than I already am. I mustn’t loose sight of some of my life’s goals though, like having a retreat centre where I can help to guide others and where they can come to relax fully.  I guess I’ve still got lots to do in life! 

The year and life ahead

Its funny how I decided not to make resolutions but today I’m thinking about where I want to head from this year onwards. I’m not making plans that are set in stone. I’m looking at doing more of the things that I’d like to do and more of the things I should be doing. Maybe I’ve been giving this some thought because I’ve been unwell over night and most of today. I had a temperature over night and was slightly sick this morning.  I’m feeling quite a bit better now though.    

Life is good and is only going to get better too.