Spam comments

I’m getting tired of spam comments. It’s taking time to moderate them too. Maybe I need to turn comments off if I can. I have settings set to moderate them before allowing them. Maybe I’ll just turn all comments off. I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog or not. There are subscribers but maybe some of the subscribers have subscribed so that they get notified of new posts so they can spam. 

Up early to the morning chorus

I’m up at my usual time again and have already been outside doing qigong. It is quite mild outside and I listened to the dawn chorus too which is beautiful. 

I’m much more relaxed than I was yesterday morning. Although I am wondering how to reply to an email from my father. I emailed him about getting my weights and workout equipment from him and he replied back saying that would be good etc and told me I’m being harsh giving him the cold shoulder over a very difficult family situation, a situation that was his doing. A wrong doing at that. I’m a strong believer in moving forwards and forgiveness but I need to think this one through.

Life can throw up some challenging situations for all of us. It’s how we deal with them that counts and its in the dealing of them I can struggle at times. On the outside can be a calm exterior while on the inside I’m a raging torrent. It also depends on if I’m down, up or on a level minds set too. I do struggle with over thinking things when I’m up or down too, which only increases the phase I’m in. I guess that’s just how I am and at least I’m trying to understand it all and trying to take action before it gets out of hand by understanding what triggers me. I have been working at seeing triggers for several years now albeit not knowing about Cyclothymia, just personal development. Always moving forwards even if I take the occasional step backwards.