Better rested

I’m starting to feel like I’m relaxing more now. Last night I lay in bed in full awareness and communicating with my holy guardian angel. I completely relaxed my body and mind. I went to the true nature of mind, to pure openess. Anyway  I’m feeling more relaxed.  It’s interesting how certain things come through in pure awareness and how my mind doesn’t follow them at all.  

Yesterday morning I had a strong coffee with 2 sugars in it. It gave me a slight energy boost and it levelled me at the same time too. I’m glad it did. I’m aware that it can affect me a couple of days later though.    

We are off to London today and I had to do a very quick fix it job on the car last night because we hit a deer on our way back from my wife’s mothers last night. My wife was driving and I saw the deer peep out of the hedge. I said to watch out but my wife thought it wouldn’t jump out for some reason and didn’t slow down. I should of been driving. Anyway I got out to check the damage and the deer, a Munt Jacks deer, lay there still a short distance behind us. Then I saw it start to shake its legs in pain thrashing around. We saws car coming towardsusand two cars coming from behind. One of the cars from behind hit it and killed it, the driver stopped to check we were ok and he and I went and layed it in the hedge. Poor deer.  

Anyway the car is patched up and kind of ready to go. 

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