Still feeling anxious

I woke early again this morning but instead of just laying there I decided to get up. I’m still a little anxious and I’m not sure why. I had a deadline at work to get a job finished but that’s now been increased by at least  a day. Hopefully we won’t need the extra day but it’s good to have it.

There’s lots I want to get done today at work and I’ll maybe go in a little bit earlier. I know that once there my anxiety eases a little. Normally I have things worked out in my mind as to how I want them to be done and at times I’ll write a list so I can cross things off. I think I’ll do that today. It’ll help ease my mind lots.

  I did my VAT last night and it didn’t take so long. I’m glad it didn’t. I need to file my paperwork more often than I do so that it’s easier still. Also I’ve realised if I put more diesel in my van each time then I’ll have fewer receipts to log down. The less there is to log down the quicker and easier the VAT will be.    

I’m glad I got up early this morning because I can meditate and read. I’m back to reading Tibetan Buddhism. To me it’s the best form of spirituality and understanding. 

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