Monday morning again already.

It’s Monday morning again already and it’s time to take on the world of work. Work is quite absurd really isn’t it? Lots of people do jobs that are necessary but lots do jobs that aren’t. What a strange world we live in really. It’s all about making money and profit. It tires me at times. I guess I’m lucky because I can see that it’s all crazy. Maybe I should go into politics…. It’s funny how there are people who want change but who won’t get involved in politics, I’m one of them, because they fear the monster that it’s become and fear they might become just like other politicians. I’d hate that. How can we change the system for the better though so that everyone gets an equal chance and also has a chance to do what they’d like in life? Lots of people do jobs that they don’t like very much just to earn money. I guess I’m lucky that I enjoy doing what I do for a living.

I’ve woken a little earlier this morning than usual but I rested well yesterday. I’m possibly a little anxious but I can live with that. It’ll pass quickly once I get to work. I’ve got help again this week. I had help last week too. Things are going well. 

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