It’s Saturday afternoon already. What fun. Life’s good. I’ve been tired a fair bit lately. I had a snooze this afternoon.  

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the death of my mother. I’m pretty sure it’s a trigger too. Especially the lead up towards it. It falls only a couple of weeks after my children’s birthdays too so it’s a tricky time of year in both respects.   There’s a good word. Respect. What does it really mean? Does it have its roots in fear? I mean often those that are respected really are feared aren’t they? Or if we respect someone in a good way isn’t that admiration?  Words amaze me. Words like ‘amaze’ are amazing. A maze is somewhere to get lost in or try to figure out a path out of or into the centre. To be in amazement can also be taken as being in wonder. Ah words. Anyway so yesterday. Yes.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my mums death. Always a tricky day for me and a tricky time of the year. Life goes on. It has to. Otherwise it would be over I guess. 

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