Monday night

It’s Monday night already. I had a lazy weekend. I’d intended to work Saturday but didn’t. I’ve been quite lethargic.  I’ve also had a funny tummy too brought on by eating cheap food. Not good. Life goes on.    

My son is being funny about going to school and won’t go. My daughter is going but it all affects her too. My wife blew up at my daughter tonight over what seemed like nothing to me. I was downstairs but it did sound unfair. Very unfair. I was angered by it. I came upstairs and intervened. I dislike alcohol. My wife couldn’t even remember that she had already washed our sons hair, she told me she had brushed it but that it needed washing. My son and I looked at each other and he said that it’d been washed. It was still wet. Not good. I wasn’t happy. I’ll talk to her about it later or tomorrow.  Usually she forgets some of the details. Once she had even forgotten a whole tv program that we had all watched. 

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