Yesterday yoyo

I wish I had internet all the time becaue when I’m at my worst I should get things down. Usually I dont put it straight down. Well today I’m feeling ok. My body doesn’t ache too badly either. Yesterday however I was a yoyo, up and down all day. I was so tired by the end of it all too.  I really need to kick my own arsenal get back into some proper sleep habits. Far too many wired nights lately. I really do have to remind myself that I need sleep. Lots of sleep. I need to get myself up to bed far earlier and to actually try to go to sleep earlier too. Often I go to bed and just read or go online because I’m not tired. It’s a vicious circle too because getting out of synch makes things worse and the worse things are then the more out I get thrown ad infinitum. I guess that’s one good thing about trying to blog everyday, I notice things mostly and notice them better than ever before. The older I get the worse I get. Life does suck at times.   It would seem that lately it’s been so up and down too. Far too much for my liking. I intended to phone the local wellbeing team yesterday but had no signal and I’d also forgotten too. Oh well. 

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