Monday night buzz

It’s Monday night already and I’ve had a cracking drumming lesson. I’m feeling very very wired. I had 2 double shot coffees earlier this afternoon and its raised my levels again because I was tired. I know it could cause a crash but I’m going to go to bed early tonight Because I’m tired but also because it might help to stop the tail off. Earlier I was shattered and finished work at lunch time then had a snooze. I really need my super enthusiasm back so I can crack on at work. I need to. Desperately. Anyway I’m tired and very wired. That’s life I guess.

My son is really pushing the limits tonight. He’s pushing me so far I’ve nearly snapped. He is being so rude and really winding me up. I asked my wife to get him organised for a shower. She went up there but was too wishy washy with him and he came downstairs to upset his younger sister. He’s really annoying the hell out of me tonight. 

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