Wired and anxious

I’ve woken up a bit wired andanxiousthis morning. Actually it was that the woke me rather than waking up and noticing it myself. I’m not sure if it’s the time of year that’s causing it or if it’s just my head going off on one yet again. Who knows! I’ve been level ish for a while and had almost started to get used to it! It’s strange being level or having had a level ness for a while. Anyway back to anxiety for now. I know it will ease as the day goes on and even knowing that it still sits here churning my stomach away. I’ve noticed my ears are ringing too and at times that is a bit of a warning.  Last night I had lots of tiredness and anger but I noticed it too so was trying to be really careful about not over reacting, although I tried to go to bed at 9:30-9:45 pm but my daughter was messing around and didn’t settle until 11 pm and I still felt I needed to unwind and relax before sleeping. I w awake before 6 this morning too.    

We had a huge load of wood delivered last night and I’m really tempted to get stuck in and get it moved right now. I guess my energy levels are going up! Ah something else I noticed is my pee smelled a bit different this morning. That’s something else I’ve noticed before but kind of not taken on board as such.  Ah all these things. Who knows I might well be over reacting and noticing too much! 

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